Daniel R. Kruse

You Have Rights.
You Have Options.

Even if your criminal charges make you feel like you have been backed into a corner, you can reach out to attorney Daniel R. Kruse to help make an intimidating process better.

Mr. Kruse is a skilled criminal defense lawyer for Eugene, Springfield and all surrounding Oregon areas.

A Criminal Defense Attorney Who Inspires Confidence In Your Legal Decisions

Criminal charges come with tremendous emotional weight, regardless of severity. You likely have a sense of panic for multiple reasons, such as learning about the possible consequences or fearing what will happen in the future with your career and family. You need an attorney who not only is an ally in the courtroom but also works for you in every aspect of your criminal case.

The office of Daniel R. Kruse, Attorney at Law, aims to help you by figuring out the facts and making sure that, when your future is on the line, you are comfortable with the legal options you are given and the choices you make.

Practice Areas

DUI/DWI And Major Traffic Offenses

Assault And Domestic Violence

Weapons Charges

Property Crimes

Daniel R. Kruse

A Focus On Consistent Communication

You deserve a professional, thoughtful and dedicated attorney who will work aggressively for the sake of your best interests. You also deserve an attorney who will take the time to connect with you and ensure that you fully understand the rights and options you have at each step in the process.

Mr. Kruse makes an effort to emphasize his communication with you as your case progresses. If plans need to change or there is an update within your case or upcoming trials, you can expect not only responsiveness when it comes to notifying you on the new details, but also detailed, easy-to-understand explanations to keep you informed.

Proven Municipal Court Experience

Even if you think your municipal court issue is too minor to merit representation from a seasoned criminal defense attorney, you still need and deserve great representation. Mr. Kruse has experience with the Eugene and Springfield municipal courts, as well as municipal courts in the surrounding Oregon areas, such as Coburg and Junction City.