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A Skilled Defense Against Drug Charges

Drug offenses can carry particularly serious penalties. Even most low-level drug crimes are felonies, and more serious charges such as manufacturing or delivery can involve lengthy prison sentences.

Attorney Daniel R. Kruse specializes in defending people against all types of drug and alcohol charges, including:

  • Manufacturing
  • Delivery
  • Possession
  • Marijuana (Medical and Non-Medical)
  • Tampering with Drug Records
  • Minor in Possession of Alcohol

Drug cases are unique and often involve complex and sensitive issues. Whether you want to take your case to trial, challenge an unlawful search, or negotiate a plea bargain, it is important to be represented by an attorney who has experience successfully defending people in these types of cases. Call Daniel Kruse at 541-249-4510 to schedule a free consultation.

Challenging An Illegal Search or Seizure

Most drug cases involve the police searching or seizing private property. Whether the police have a search warrant or not, it is important to make sure the search was conducted lawfully and without violating your constitutional right to privacy. Even if you consent to a search, that consent may not be valid if it is forced or coerced from you.

Lawyer Daniel R. Kruse has successfully challenged illegal searches and seizures in several cases, including having criminal charges dismissed outright in some instances.

Finding A Solution To Tackle Your Drug Case

There are a lot of good people who get caught up with drugs. For people who suffer from drug addiction, the goal is to achieve the best possible outcome in the case while working to get you the help you need and deserve.

Sometimes, this means getting people into drug treatment instead of prison. For people with few or no prior convictions, it may even be possible to have charges dismissed or reduced to a misdemeanor once a treatment program has been successfully completed. Being charged with a drug offense does not have to ruin your future.

Start Talking To A Proven Defense Lawyer

To speak with a drug crimes defense lawyer serving Eugene, Springfield and the surrounding communities, call Daniel R. Kruse, Attorney at Law, at 541-249-4510. You can also schedule an initial consultation by contacting the firm online. The discussion will be honest, professional, and strictly confidential.