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Daniel R. Kruse handles all types of criminal cases in Oregon, and has represented hundreds of people in Eugene, Springfield, and throughout the state. Whether it is in trial, negotiating a settlement, or challenging an illegal search or seizure, he provides professional, thoughtful, and aggressive legal representation to achieve the best possible outcome for his clients. He also takes the time to connect with you, to communicate on a regular basis, and to make sure that you fully understand the rights and options you have at each step in the legal process. Call Daniel R. Kruse, Attorney at Law, at 541-249-4510 to schedule a free initial consultation in any criminal case.

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If you are accused of a crime, or have any questions about your legal rights or options, please do not hesitate to contact Daniel R. Kruse, Attorney at Law, at 541-249-4510. You can also schedule an initial consultation by contacting the firm online. The discussion will be honest, professional, and strictly confidential.